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Only at the precipice do we evolve. This is our moment.

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Name:fanfiction ebooks
Website:@pressipice on twitter
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Community description:a community for fanfiction ebooks of all forms
This community is for sharing ebooks of stories from any fandom. Gen, het, femslash, slash, and poly are all welcome.


If you have questions about the rules, tags, or community, leave a comment [here].
If you have questions about the fine art of epublishing, leave a comment [here].
If you are an author, you may offer permission to convert any/all of your work to ebook formats in the comments [here]
If you are a reader and would like to request that a certain story be converted, you may do so in the comments [here]

Mod-in-chief: [personal profile] snottygrrl
She can be contacted via LJ/DW message or via email at snottygrrl[at]dreamwidth[dot]org
Sidekick (for when I am afk): looking for a co-mod
Affiliates: [ profile] fanfic_ebooks

credit for mod ideas, formatting, wording and links go to [ profile] merlinpodfic, [ profile] podficbigbang, and [ profile] fanfic_ebooks
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